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Above all

What the Rav said:

Chassidut is not about roaming the streets.

Rabbenu said, ‘regular Torah study rises above performance of all the Mitzvot’ (Sefer HaMidot, ‘Limmud’ (33)).

Regular Torah study is what is written here. Is there someone here wiser than Rabbi Nachman? Studying Torah, regularly, rises above performance of all the Mitzvot.

Who did they write Sefer HaMidot for?

If we don’t fulfil this, then who did he write this for?

Everyone should take a copy of the chapter on ‘Limmud’ in Sefer HaMidot and go through all of the sections. Every day go through the chapter on ‘Limmud’ – this will change your entire outlook on the world.

My thoughts:

I’m not one who spends my time dancing on the top of Na Nach vans.

But, equally, when I read this yesterday I acknowledged the fact that I really don’t study Torah as much as I could.

So, I followed the Rav’s advice. I searched for my copy of Sefer HaMidot (Hebrew/English online here: and cracked open the section on Limmud.

Sometimes, we need a nudge, a push or a kick up the backside. Whatever it takes.

I know I need to put more time into learning, how ‘bout you?

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