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Better late than never

What the Rav said:

In this world, we don’t feel the kindnesses of Hashem Yitbarach.

In the World to Come, we’ll merit to feel them, and then we’ll thank Hashem on each and every detail from all the days of our life.

This is like what Rabbenu used to do, when he would thank Hashem on each and every detail of the food he ate at his Seudah (meal).

My thoughts:

I think this vort is encouraging.

Although, it makes me feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m not currently thanking Hashem on everything, or lets face it, most things, I’m relieved that the Rav tells me that I’ll be able to thank Hashem on everything in the World to Come.

However, the bit of embarrassment that I feel now about this, will no doubt be magnified a million-fold when I’m in the World to Come.

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