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Come together

What the Rav said:

Every time you gather together, it’s a very great thing. Rav Natan already said that to travel and to come even from the ends of the world, from every place, to gather together ten people from ‘anash’ (our people, Breslevers).

Rabbi Avraham ben Rav Nachman used to say that if there really was genuine love between all of ‘anash’ then Rabbi Nachman would be able to draw down an endless supply of goodness, an aspect of “no eye has seen Hashem other than you”.

It’s impossible to describe what we lose every moment and second that there is strictness between a man and his fellow, and especially amongst ‘anash’, G-d forbid.

My thoughts:

The power of achdut, togetherness, is very great.

Although a person can achieve great things through his prayers, and through his mitzvot. Just being there, together with anash, is a very great thing. Even without doing anything more.

Just to be part of the group.

Daven together with a minyan, whenever you can.

Come to Shuvu, and join together with anash. You don’t even need to pray. Just come and be part of the group. If you can’t physically get to the Rav’s shul, just want to be there, want to be part of it, and have all of anash in your heart.

The power of achdut is very great.

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