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Connect yourself

What the Rav said:

If you wake up an hour before sunrise, connect yourself to those that woke up at midnight [for tikkun chatzot, the midnight lamentation].

By connecting yourself to them, they draw down their light over you.

This is called ‘an inheritance without limits’.

[The verse says] “And you will spread out to the north, east, south and west”. There are people who are an aspect of ‘east’, an aspect of ‘south’, an aspect of ‘north’ and an aspect of ‘west’. All the types of intellect… you can receive them all.

You become encompassed in all of the twelve tribes and all seventy souls of the house of

Jacob and all six hundred thousand [Jewish souls].

You’ll receive intellect without limits.

My thoughts:

What I understand from what the Rav is saying (I could be wrong…) is that even if you don’t get out of bed, even if you don’t go to daven...

Just connecting to those who woke at midnight, those who got up for the sunrise minyan, those who are sitting in Kollel learning Torah, just connecting to them draws down unlimited amounts of Hashem’s light.

Truly amazing, if we think about it….


Just think, what a person can receive if he connects himself to the Rav or to Rabbi Nachman…


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