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Connecting to something bigger than me...

What the Rav said:

You got up an hour before sunrise? So now, connect yourself to those who got up for chatzot [the midnight lamentations].

By connecting to them, they draw down for you some of their light – this is called ‘an inheritance without limits’.

‘And you will spread out, north, south, east and west’. There are those who are an aspect of north, those who are an aspect of south, those who are an aspect of east, and those who are an aspect of west.

You can receive all the different types of mochin [brain/mind/awareness].

You’re included within all of the twelve tribes and all of the seventy souls of the House of Yaakov, and all 600,000 [root souls of Am Yisrael].

You can receive unlimited mochin.

My thoughts:

Who am I? Not very much.

I learn a little, I do a few good things here and there but, really, I’m nothing special.

I don’t wake up for chatzot, I don’t learn the secrets of the Kabbalah, I don’t give so much charity, I don’t teach Torah to anyone...

Maybe yes, maybe no.

But, you know what...? You know what you can do...?

You can connect to your fellow Jews who are doing some or all of those things!

And, when you connect to them, you can bring down that same light into your soul !

Just by connecting to them!


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