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Grab some new thoughts

What the Rav said:

A person needs to make sure that he has new thoughts every day, new ideas, good new thoughts, new emunah, new hope. Every single Jew needs this.

Because, the whole time, the Creation is being improved, and each day an abundance of thoughts from Heaven pour down, and each person receives from these thoughts. A person is obligated to grasp something.

The wicked people will have much regret from this. We, at least, do good things with this, with those thoughts that come down to us at every moment from Heaven.

An endless abundance of good thoughts and good ideas, of good will.

My thoughts:

Hashem is putting new thoughts into the world, all the time.

Yesterday, I was completely stuck, lost, without hope. I didn’t have a clue where to start to fix things.

Today is not the same as yesterday.

Today, there are new thoughts, new ideas and new hope in the world – which did not exist yesterday. Hashem has just created it, today.

Everything can change. Even those things which seem impossible to us yesterday.

Today is a new day, it is full of newly created Heavenly possibilities.

Go out and grab some!

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