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Happiness in a nutshell

What the Rav said:

If a person makes teshuva, then no judgement can rule over him.

He’s got a beard, he’s got payot, and he’s got happiness all over his face.

When he was a sinner, he was sad, annoyed, angry. Now, he’s happy, he’s got a smile on his face.

He’s already rejoicing. It’s impossible to recognise him.

It’s over, he’s got a completely new face.

And from this, alone, he is freed from all the judgements.

My thoughts:

Rabbenu taught us the importance of trying to be happy always.

The Rambam taught us that happiness is the best cure for all sickness.

And, the Rav teaches us that when a person is happy – truly happy (not fake happy which comes from watching Friends re-runs) – then, he is freed from all the judgments.

How do we get that true happiness? True happiness follows automatically when a person makes teshuva. How do we do that?

Back to the Rambam – four stages: stop sinning, admit we did something wrong, regret it and ask Hashem to help us not to do it again.

Happiness in a nutshell.

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