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Hide and seek

What the Rav said:

Hashem is with you in every place, and will never leave you even for a second.

Because Hashem loves you and only He truly has mercy on you and thinks about you every single second, and will never leave you, and He’ll never leave you ever.

Just don’t leave Him, G-d forbid.

And know, faithfully, that Hashem loves you more than anyone who loves and has mercy on you more than anyone who has mercy.

And know, that Hashem created you only to have mercy on you and to do all good things for you, and to give you all the salvations and all the success. And Hashem thinks about you every second of every minute, how to send you all the salvations in the world and all the success in the world.

And Hashem only thinks about you, how to raise you up higher and higher spiritually and materially and to give you the greatest understanding in the world.

My thoughts:

Hashem says in Parashat Vayeilech: “…anochi hastir astir panai…” – “on that day I will surely hide my face”. We learn from the double language of “hastir astir” that Hashem will be hidden from us in such a way that even His hiding itself will be hidden from us.

When someone is hiding from you, you know they’re hiding, and you can go and look for them. When the fact that they’re hiding is also hidden, then you don’t even know that there’s anything or anyone to go and look for.

That’s where we find ourselves, which is one of the reasons why it’s very difficult for us to get close to Hashem.

But, the same is not true from Hashem’s side of the fence. We are not hidden from Him (although our yetzer hara likes to tell us that He can’t see us…!)

Hashem sees us at every second, Hashem loves us at every second, Hashem just wants the best for us at every second.

So, just because we can’t see Him, don’t imagine for a second that He can’t see us!

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