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Hold on. He's coming.

What the Rav said:

The Tzadik calls out to a person. He has shofars. He calls out all the time.

Just hold on, I’m coming to you!

This is like when a mountain collapses onto a person. Even when they come with diggers and tractors to dig him out. They know he is alive, but they are afraid that he’ll die from great despair.

So, they call out to him with loudspeakers: hold on, just a day or two days, we’ll get to you!

They call out with strong loudspeakers.

Every person knows that the Tzadik is coming to him. A person is full of sins and transgressions, which are like a mountain over him. The Tzadik needs to clear away all the rubble.

The Tzadik calls out to him with tremendous loudspeakers: hold on, I’m coming to you!

My thoughts:

The Tzadik is a person’s connection to Hashem. Just like at Mount Sinai, we didn’t have the strength to hear the Ten Commandments direct from Hashem. We needed Moshe as an intermediary. So, to in every generation. We need the Tzadik.

The Tzadik has all the answers we’re looking for. The Tzadik is the one who returns to each of us all our ‘lost things’.

We need to long for and yearn for the Tzadik to come. This, really, is our redemption.

But, we’re under so much dust, rubble and muck. Maybe too much for the Tzadik to even hear us?

Not so, says the Rav. The Tzadik is coming. We need to hold on. Another day, another two days, just hold on.

He’s coming.

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