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Making a vessel

What the Rav said:

A person needs to know that Hashem wants to give him all the goodness in the world.

Sitting in the chair he is sitting in, the place he is sitting.

He doesn’t need to move a hand or foot.

My thoughts:

Hashem is ‘kol yachol’ – He can do anything, any time, any place.

He doesn’t need us to ‘do’ anything.

The verse in Ashrei says ‘poteach et yadecha…’ – just open your hands, and Hashem will fufil your wishes.

Sometimes, all we need is to provide the vessel for Hashem to fill.

But, with any vessel, if its already full (of my ga’avah – arrogance) then, unfortunately, there’s no room left to add anything else.

If we can empty out our vessel, Hashem can fill it up.

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