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What the Rav said:

King David was set to become the fourth leg of the Chariot [the other three being the three Avot] because he kept quiet when he was cursed by Shimi Ben Gera.

But why is this so special? Isn’t everyone able to remain quiet?

However, there, it happened in a split second, and suddenly King David was quiet.

A person needs to internalise this all his life, so that if it happens to him he will also be able to remain quiet.

My thoughts:

Rabbi Nachman, in Likutei Moharan (Lesson 6), speaks about the level called ‘yishtok v’yidom’ – to remain silent and quiet.

Aren’t they the same?

Nope, there are actually two different levels here.

One level is not to answer back, to remain silent - on the outside.

But the other, which is much more difficult, is to remain quiet – on the inside!

Inside, there should be no flicker of recognition of upset, anger or concern. Just complete quietness.

We can only reach this level after we internalise that this bizayon is only from Hashem and it’s only for my own good.

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