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Small move, big effect.

What the Rav said:

Whenever you gather together as one, it is a very great thing.

Rav Natan said that it is important to travel to be together, to come even from the end of the earth, in order to gather ten of our people together.

Rabbi Avraham Ben Rav Nachman would always say that if there was truly love between our people, Rabbenu would be able to draw down unlimited amounts of abundance.

It’s impossible to describe what it is we lose every moment and every second that there is, G-d forbid, antagonism between a person and his fellow, and especially among our people.

My thoughts:

Often, we may think it’s no big deal that I don’t get on with this guy, or I don’t particularly like that person.

We don’t see the spiritual cogs turning.

Achdut (unity) is one of those huge spiritual cogs that has enormous power and influence in our world.

Unfortunately, we don’t pay enough attention to it. We just don’t see it.

But, we should know - it really is all going on behind the scenes!

There’s so much good we can bring to the world, with just a smile or a simple, friendly nod.

Just think, a small tweak in my acceptance of others can create untold benefits to the entire world.

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