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The biggest souls have the biggest fight on their hands

What the Rav said:

Rabbi Pinchas Koricher explains that it’s specifically the biggest souls in the world which separate themselves from Hashem and the Shechina. They’re the ones that fall into the deepest places.

Like King David.

It’s written that King David had the highest soul - and his soul was found in S’dom. There it fell into the deepest of klipot (spiritual husks).

And the opposite too. The lowest souls don’t fall into the deep klipot.

It’s the biggest souls, specifically, who fall from the highest heights into the lowest of depths.

They fall and fall endlessly, into the deepest of deep klipot. Into S’dom, into Lot, into the worst things in the world.

Specifically, the soul of David.

Moshe wanted to destroy Moav. But, Hashem told him it’s not possible to destroy them – I need it to happen that the mother of royalty will come specifically from them. That the mother of David will come specifically from there. From the lowest place, from the lowest people in the world.

My thoughts:

There are times when we feel we’ve fallen into the lowest of places.

There are times when we all feel that we’re really the lowest of the low.

There are times when we feel that our yetzer hara is just too strong.

The Rav is pointing out that it may well be true. You may have fallen into a really low place.

You may feel that you are the lowest of the low. You may feel that your yetzer hara is too strong. And, you may be right.

But, you know what – it’s because you’ve got a really big soul!

The biggest souls have the greatest struggles in this world.

But, know, you’re in good company. So, game on!

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