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The King of Diamonds

What the Rav said:

The Maggid had such arguments over him. Since the time of Korach, there weren’t arguments like it!

The greater a person's soul, the more treasures he has in his soul.

So, they make more arguments over him.

The fact that they don’t make any arguments about ‘so-and-so’, is because he’s just going around with chaff and straw.

And, the fact that they do argue over someone else, is because he’s going around with fine jewels.

My thoughts:

One of Rabbi Nachman’s stories is ‘The King's Son Who Was Made of Gemstones’. (You can read it here:

Here’s a precis:

- The King had a son who was very wise and very beautiful.

- The princess got jealous. So she used sorcery to turn the King’s son into a leper.

- He was leprous all over his body.

- [me: lepers are shunned by the rest of the world]

- The Tzadik healed the King’s son. His leprous skin falls away, and everyone sees that he is really made of the finest gemstones.

As the expression goes, hamayvin yavin [= the wise one will understand].

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