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The power of a broken heart

What the Rav said:

All the sins a person does, they’re only to give him a broken heart.

All the sins a person does in his life are in order to give him vessels to hold the endless light (the light of “ain sof”).

Through the broken heart that he receives, through the terrible sins which he sinned, through this, he receives a genuine broken heart.

With that broken heart, he can enter all of the [spiritual] sanctuaries, and he can cut through all the masks.

My thoughts:

Everything can be turned around for the good. Even sins.

Used properly, sins can create amazing vessels to hold the spiritual light and reward of the

World to Come. That is, if we regret them, and they cause our heart to break from regret.

Rabbenu said there’s nothing more precious than a broken heart.

The most powerful bad can lead a person to the worst places in the world – perhaps never to recover. Or, that same bad can lead a person back to Hashem with amazing, powerful vessels that no-one else possesses.

The choice is, still, in our hands.

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