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The real deal

What the Rav said:

The main happiness is to know that you are continuously under Divine Supervision (hashgacha).

Hashem is watching over you the whole time.

At every moment Hashem is caring for you.

Hashem is protecting you from all sides.

This is happiness. This is the greatest feeling of security.

My thoughts:

Sometimes, we think that our happiness depends on what we don’t have or what we think we’re missing.

If I have more money, if I have nicer clothes, a new home, a new car, better friends, a better job… then I’ll be happy!

Other times, we think our happiness depends on something happening, like… our football team winning, landing an important business deal, our kid getting married…

But, the Rav tells us that actually, the greatest feeling of happiness is simply knowing that Hashem is with us, Hashem is watching over us and Hashem is caring for us, at every single moment.

That’s real happiness!

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