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The yetzer hates dancing!

What the Rav said:

All worries are only imagination.

From all the problems, there will come only joy and happiness.

And, it will come to be that, for every person, all the days of his mourning will turn into joy and happiness.

A person is obligated only to be happy, to be happy and to be happy, without end.

Like Rabbi Natan wrote to his son, Rav Yitzchak, “you will be sorry for all the times you weren’t happy.”

Because, life passes and a person asks himself, why wasn’t I just happy? Because, everything passes and everything is just an imagination.

A person’s main obligation is to know this, in advance, and then just to dance and dance.

My thoughts:

Rabbenu taught that the new name for the yetzer hara is ‘imagination’.

Our imagination is really our yetzer hara.

In those two central pillars of life, love and fear, our imagination takes them down to the lowliest of places with fallen lusts and fallen fears. When really, their true place is to be raised up to love of Hashem and awe of Hashem.

Imagination is the bad guy. Switch him off.

And, when he doesn’t want to go away – dance.

The yetzer hara hates to dance!

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