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What's your weapon?

What the Rav said:

It’s well known that a person needs to be very careful to be happy always, and to distance himself from any type of sadness no matter how small.

Through sadness, a person only ends up falling into greater sins.

Even if a person stumbled in some sin, he should immediately grab a Tehillim, he should immediately go and dance, find some friends and dance with them.

Because, if he falls into sadness from this [the fact that he sinned], he’ll just fall into greater sins.

My thoughts:

The Rav teaches us here that happiness is a weapon.

It’s probably the most powerful weapon we have against the yetzer hara.

I think its Rabbenu who said that more than the sin itself, the yetzer hara really wants a person to fall into sadness and despair.

Because, then it’s game over.

So, know, that happiness is your weapon. It can save your life!

We’re going to sin. It’s a given fact. We need to get used to it and work out a battle strategy to fight back.

Happiness, and dancing, are two of the biggest weapons in your arsenal.

Don’t forget it! :-)

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