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Which path do you choose?

What the Rav said:

[The Rav speaks here about Rabbi Nachman’s story of the Clever and the Simple, see full story here:]

The Simple one says to the Clever one, take all my house. I’m fine. We’re ok with just one metre by one metre. Take the whole house. Just be happy. Just smile for once. Let me see just one smile. You never smile. You’re always annoyed, you just want to kill everyone. What’s the matter with you? Did we ever see you happy? Did we ever see you smile? Take my whole house, the main thing is just to smile for once.

Just like Rabbenu said, that he merited to have great patience, such that he had not even the slightest inclination in his heart to get angry with anyone. No matter who came and whatever suffering they would give him. Even his greatest enemy, who would cause him all the suffering in the world.

This is all just tikkunim [soul rectifications].

My thoughts:

Hashem can give us the entire house, everything we need (or think we need) – but would it make us happy?

Who is rich? The one who is happy with his lot.

The Clever one is never happy. He only sees the faults in the world.

The Simple one is always happy. He only sees the good in the world.

Both are true.

Each of these paths is available.

Which one will you choose?

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