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Who gets to crown Moshiach?

What the Rav said:

The final redemption will come only through the simple Jews.

Just like it says in ‘Kochavei Ohr’ about the story of the King who was walking in a forest and a huge rainstorm fell and everyone left him, and he came to the house of a simple man, who gave him food to eat and drink.

After the downpour passed, the King said only this man will accompany him to his royal throne, he saved me from the flood, and gave me food to eat and drink.

The simple Jews that say Tehillim (Psalms), they’re the ones who will crown Moshiach.

They’re the ones who don’t know anything about arguments or about Lashon Hara (evil speech).

My thoughts:

In this world, right now, the ones who get the attention are not the simple Jews.

The ones who think they’re in charge are unlikely to be the simple Jews that Rabbenu and the Rav are talking about here.

Rather, its the simple Jews, who are really bringing the redemption. The simple Jew, who doesn’t get involved in arguments, and is not interested in listening to or speaking Lashon Hara.

When this upside-down world finally rights itself, it won't be the 'usual suspects' who get anywhere near the inaugural ceremony, it will be the simple Jews who will be the ones crowning Moshiach.


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