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Who's driving the bus?

What the Rav said:

A person needs to know that everything is Hashem.

A person forgets this. Something happens to him and immediately he gets angry. Immediately, he falls into sadness and despair.

He has no emunah that this is Hashem’s will. So, he either gets angry or he says, such and such happened to me, so obviously I’m not worth anything. Hashem doesn’t want me. And, he falls into despair and is broken.

Everything is Hashem’s will.

I don’t control the world.

I don’t control my life.

And, I don’t control my tikkun [rectification].

This is a test for 120 years.

My thoughts:

There’s a story told about two people on a bus. One is sitting comfortably, enjoying the ride and looking out the window at the beautiful scenery passing by.

The other, his friend, is not at all happy. He can’t keep still. He’s up and down, looking around frantically, muttering to himself that he’s sure this is not going the right way, complaining at every bump and turn in the road. Who’s driving this bus anyway….?!? What’s going on here…?!?

In the end, both will arrive at the same destination.

It’s simply a question of whether you want to enjoy the journey.

We’re not driving the bus, and its no use complaining about the ride.

We may just as well sit back and enjoy the trip, the bus driver knows exactly what he’s doing, and where he’s taking us.

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