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You know what Hashem wants?

What the Rav said:

Hashem just wants to help you, to make you like Moshe Rabbenu, really.

You don’t know when you’re going to become Moshe Rabbenu. So, you get angry and upset.

But, you should know that you have hope at every moment, every hour and every minute.

Hashem’s kindness is never ending, His mercy is never ending.

You don’t realise the power of His great mercy and His great kindness for those who genuinely want to return to Him.

If you genuinely want to be holy and pure, then you will certainly succeed. Why? Because this is what Hashem wants. Hashem will turn over entire worlds, the whole of creation, so that you will become truly holy.

Even if you have already stumbled in the worse sins.

Why? Because Hashem wants you to succeed!

My thoughts:

Sometimes we’re so focussed on ourselves, that we forget that Hashem is running the world.

Sometimes, we think that our teshuva is only in our hands. That can be a depressing thought.

If I’m relying on me to make myself holy, then I’ve got big problems…

Here, the Rav is reminding us where our success really comes from – and its not from ‘the strength and might of my own right hand’.

Our success in any aspect of life – including whether we’re successful in making teshuva, is really down to Hashem. Hashem wants it – it happens. Hashem doesn’t want it – it doesn’t happen.

And guess what? Hashem wants you to make teshuva!

So, what are we waiting for!

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