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You lookin' at me?

What the Rav said:

The Rav said that the ‘flag’ of Shuvu Banim is Lesson 17 in Likutei Moharan.

In that Lesson, Rabbi Nachman says that Hashem takes great pride in each and every Jew, and that it is forbidden to speak about any Jew even those who belittle or disparage everything he does.

The Rav also said that it is impossible to obtain awe and love (yirah and ahavah) except through the tzadikim of the generation, but even that is only on condition that a person sees the beauty in every Jew.

My thoughts:

To see the good in each and every Jew is a very high level.

The Rav is saying even more than that.

We need to see only the good in those Jews that mock or belittle us too!

Through this we merit to achieve true yirah and ahavah – awe of Hashem and love of Hashem.

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